The ransomware attack that shut down the Colonial Pipeline in May of 2021 is considered the most impactful cyber attack against U.S. critical infrastructure. New TSA mandates continue to come out and here you will learn how UniversalPegasus International can help.

The attack breached 100GB of stolen data and caused a gasoline shortage across the Southeastern USA.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued a Security Directives to enhance Pipeline Cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

A cybersecurity risk assessment identifies the various assets that could be affected by a cyber-attack and then identifies the various risks that could affect those assets.

Pipeline Security for Operational Technology (OT)

TSA Security Directives have required additional measures to protect vital national infrastructure including oil and gas pipelines and facilities.

An overview of those requirements are:
  • The Designation of Security Managers
  • A Corporate Security Plan
  • The Criticality Assessments of Pipeline Sites
  • Risk Assessments
  • Asset Inventory
  • Establishing Baseline Security Standards
  • Support for TSA cybersecurity program meetings & TSA Audits
  • Security Enhancements based on audit and report findings
  • Site Vulnerability Assessments

Let us introduce a phased approach to Operation technology / Industrial control systems (ICS) cybersecurity assessments that addresses the unique challenges of these environments.

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    Conducting interviews and reviewing available data.
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    Conducting the criticality assessment of each site.
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    Identifying the gaps and vulnerabilities
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    Security risk matrix
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    Assessment findings are used to develop a site-level maturity remediation and maintenance recommendations.

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