Over the last 55 years, we have conducted thousands of Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) studies for Oil & Gas and Power capital projects around the world.

We will help you find the answers you need when developing an opportunity and evaluating alternatives. Our goal is to ensure your project investment in terms of time, money and resources is well spent.

Our experts are ready to perform preliminary feasibility studies, FEED analysis and cost estimates for Oil & Gas and Power capital projects. We are adept at progressing capital projects through the early stages of our clients’ gate processes so that we ensure economically sound decisions on projects with minimal upfront investment, saving you time and expense. Our expertise and support allow you to fully evaluate a project’s worthiness and explore a wide range of options on the ‘front end.’

Prior to FEED studies, UPI engages our “OBSERVE” process by developing a clear methodology to each stud, and through OBSERVE, allows you to work through FEED with greater creativity and efficiency.
  • Objective – Identify the project objective
  • Brainstorming – develop creative alternatives through brainstorming
  • Screening – Narrow down the list of alternatives through initial screening
  • Evaluation – create details and estimates for evaluation
  • Recommend – Our experts recommend solutions
  • Value and Expectations – through our OBSERVE process, we create value by recognizing and meeting our client’s expectations.
Contact us today to find out how our FEED studies can provide the information you need to assess potential development assets and improve operational efficiencies within your business.