Geographic Information Systems (GIS) serves as the platform for location and data analytics solutions and provide situational awareness of an asset or areas of interest.

GIS solutions provide the insight needed to permit, design, construct, and ultimately operate Oil & Gas assets, and have been fully integrated into UPI project teams for over a decade.

Our projects can integrate and visualize pipeline data to optimize capital investments and reduce risk. Our collaboration platform integrates spatial and non-spatial data from diverse sources (survey, environmental, right-of-way, engineering, Remote Sensing, etc.) and displays those insights on a map or easy to read report. The GIS database serves as a centralized hub for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of information. At UPI, we believe that data, done right, gives you the full picture. This approach streamlines processes and improves decision-making.

Our web-based enterprise platform facilitates controlled data input, validation, analysis and visualization to support:
  • Essential alignment of project objectives
  • Objective communication and analysis
  • Optimized data management
  • Improved project stakeholder interactions and decision making
  • Effective business system integration
  • Live visibility of all stakeholder data
  • Consistency of inputs (data) and outputs (reports, permits, alignment sheets, etc.)