Ask the Subject Matter Expert!

Ask the Subject Matter Expert!

Get to know Arnold Eisenstein, UPI’s Subject Matter Expert on Compression.

Get to know Arnold Eisenstein, UPI’s Subject Matter Expert on Compression.

Arnold Eisenstein
Subject Matter Expert on Compression

Arnold Eisenstein  Project Director / Compression SME at UPI 

What is your field of work?  
Engineering Design, Operation, and Estimating of Pipelines and Pipeline Facilities.  Compression Specification, optimization and trouble shooting.

What do you love about your field of work?
I enjoy the interesting people trying to do their jobs.  I love optimizing results to a query.

Why is your job or field so important? 
The Energy Industry is evolving.  New Regulations requiring new and old answers to current problems.

What problems do you help clients solve?
Proper specification of the equipment required to meet the project requirements – including pros and cons.  Current regulatory trends.  Comparisons in operational cost of service.

Do you have advice for anyone wanting to get in your field? 
Take your time.  Get to know people in the field.  Find a mentor. Ask for help.   Work the problem until there is a resolution.

What do you do for fun?
I love to spend time with my grandkids.  I love to solve problems.

What do you like least about your work?    
The politics.

How does your job affect your general lifestyle?  
It has allowed me to visit most of the countries in the world – form the southern tip of Argentina to Severnaya in Russia and parts in between.  Experiencing the many cultures and customs.

What current issues and trends in the field should I know about/be aware of?
Efficiency improvements and methods to not vent methane.

What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in your job/this field?  
Listening to people having issues with the equipment and their understanding of the issues and potential answers to the problem.

How did you begin your career?
My first real job was as an application engineer for a Process Equipment Manufacturer quickly progressing to a Project Manager.