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UPI brings a depth of project experience that our energy clients depend on for solutions.

Serving Customers Worldwide with Excellence

We have the people and the experience to overcome challenges, implement innovative solutions, develop strategic plans, and execute day-to-day. Let us show you some of our successes and give you confidence in our ability to deliver a solution to your challenge. Learn more about the projects and assets we manage in the following areas:



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More than 55 years of experience

UPI works hard each day to exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver the projects with commitment from every member of our team. Set against the backdrop of a tightening labor pool, increasing regulatory environment, and a focus on cost and schedule, UPI helps our clients overcome these challenges by delivering solutions on each project. Managing the complex interfaces, schedules and costs of projects amidst the landscape of today’s energy marketplace is more critical now than ever before. We understand this at our core. Shake our hand, and trust your project will be delivered. Our word is backed by the highest commitment to safety, quality and integrity in the energy industry.

We embrace excellence. Our long-term relationships with our clients are the standard by which we measure our success. UPI brings a depth of project experience that our energy clients depend on for solutions. With every mile of pipeline or each foot of progressively deeper waters, we have overcome the challenges set before us. We take pride in the reputation our team members have built delivering projects on time and on budget, whether small or large, simple or complex.

Our experience has shown us the most proven and effective ways to manage energy capital projects.

Using our time-tested strategic process, we are able to evaluate progress at every phase and help our clients make informed decisions about future steps. To achieve maximum results within the life cycle of a major capital project, we know that honest, transparent and responsive feedback is critical during the early stages – sometimes even before capital expenditures begin.