UPI's leadership team is committed to acting responsibly and providing objective, informed guidance.

There is an intrinsic respect and trust of our employees and shareholders who rely on the safe, ethical and operational management of the business on a day-to-day basis. UPI demands a strong commitment from its leadership to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of its business operations.

Letter from the President

UniversalPegasus International (UPI) is committed to providing safe working conditions for all of our personnel. We will create and support an environment where no one gets hurt. In addition, the company will comply with safety, health and environmental laws and develop applicable procedures and policies to provide such conditions.

Our stance on the safety and health of our employees and the protection of the environment is our company’s greatest responsibility. We consider this responsibility to be part of every team member’s performance. Responsibility for employee health and safety rests with each individual. As a condition of employment all personnel are expected to conduct their work in a safe manner.

Every manager is responsible for their own safety and health, in addition to the people and services he/she manages or supervises. Managers, supervisors and employees at all levels of UPI are encouraged to take a pro-active stance in initiating and maintaining a safe and healthful working environment.

Health and safety aspects of our operations shall always be considered our most important business objectives. Management, therefore, will support all safety procedures and training to maintain complete compliance in the areas of safety and health so that we always have sound and reliable operations. Management also has the responsibility, through personal example and through the involvement of all team members, to create a constant climate in which everyone has a true concern for safety and the environment. Individual and team contributions to health and safety shall be considered essential job performance criteria for all UPI personnel.

Everyone’s commitment and contributions will be required to maintain the standard of integrity established by this policy. We must always promote safety as a vital business practice. The good judgment and common sense of our staff will be needed to assure that our safety efforts add value. We must foster an open, positive work environment, where trust exists and all are willing to identify and resolve safety concerns.

Therefore, UPI will continuously participate with employees, clients and authorities in maintaining a positive safety culture within the industries and communities we serve.

– Ricardo Layton, President & CEO