Grapeland Compressor Station Goodrich Compressor Station

August 17, 2021

MidCoast Energy, LLC has put their “CJ Express Expansion Project” into service increasing transmission capacity on their Clarity System to approximately 1 BCFD from East Texas to the U.S. Gulf Coast. UPI provided engineering, procurement, and survey services for two compressor stations and associated pipeline tie-ins.

The Grapeland Compressor Station is a greenfield facility that includes two Siemens SGT400 mechanically driven RFBB20 compression packages. This is the first application of the SGT400 15 MW turbine variant as a mechanical drive in North America.

The Goodrich Compressor Station is an existing facility with four existing compressors to which a single 5,000 HP Caterpillar 3616 with Ariel compressor was added to the existing facility. Both facilities were brought into commercial operation in March 2021 after an expedited engineering, design, procurement, and construction schedule.

From East Texas to the U.S. Gulf Coast.