Alliance Pipeline

UPI was awarded the 2019 IL-17 Jackson Generation Meter Station project for Alliance Pipeline.

UPI’s scope of services included:

  • Site specific FEED
  • Detail design
  • Plan for the construct of a new meter station capable of flowing 180 MMscfd initially with ability to expand to 600 MMscfd.

Gas flows from the Alliance Pipeline system to a new delivery point in Will County, IL. UPI designed and installed a meter station facility design to include meter and control valve skids, designed to accommodate future expansion. A skid-mounted electrical building complete with satellite and UPS was also required.

The site consisted of:

  • Filter separator, Condensate drain tank complete with load out station and the inlet header shall be sized for future flowrate (600 MMscfd)
  • Meter skid, complete with enclosure to include 12-inch Ultrasonic meter for normal design operation and a 2-inch Coriolis meter for utility gas;
  • Control valve skid
  • Gas Chromatograph (GC) will be included within the meter enclosure
  • Commercial power supply
  • Station piping, valves, and fittings
  • Re-alignment of existing access road.

The work for the Jackson Generation Meter station was broken down into two phases, site specific FEED and detailed design.