Plains Midstream Canada

United States and Canada

The Plains Sustaining Capital Projects Program (SCPP) includes upgrade, replacement and scheduled maintenance work on all Plains Midstream Canada assets, in an EPC capacity. These assets include Gas Processing, Fractionation, Storage, Truck and Rail Terminals, and Pipelines.

Required upgrade, replacement and maintenance work on these assets is currently provided using an ad hoc approach of in-house and external project management, engineering, procurement and construction management resources, resulting in a fragmented approach that lacks visibility and direction at an overall company level.

Plains anticipates performing $100 – 150 million (Total Installed Capital) per year in work as part of the program and intend to engage one or two EPC providers to execute the work. At this time, UPI is working with Plains Supply Chain Management to shape and define an EPC solution for the SCPP.

Plains has grown rapidly in recent years, largely through acquisition of systems, such as BP’s Natural Gas Liquids System and Imperial Oil’s Rainbow Pipeline.


  • Leverage ongoing success on the Indigo and North Co-Ed Pipeline Projects
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Reinforcing Plains’ opinion that UPI is a properly sized company to partner with


  • Project Management
  • Detail Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management


2015 – Ongoing