Black History Month

UPI’s Inclusion & Diversity Council interviewed employees throughout the month of February.

Read a few highlights from each of them.

Kerbi Williams

“We are innovators. We are creators. We are entrepreneurs. We are forward-thinking. We are progressive. We are educated. We are love. We are hopeful. We are strong. We are determined. We are capable. We are powerful. We stand up for what is right. And we are humans too.”

Shelton McGlory

“I believe celebrating Black History Month is important because a lot of African American culture is not taught in schools and African American culture is American culture. The curriculum needs to be more inclusive even if it brings about touchy subjects. My hopes are that one day, the history is more appreciated and talked about more often than just the month of February.”

John Walls

“My ethnic background is African American. I celebrate my background by gaining knowledge of my ancestry to understand my history and culture and to share it with my children. I like to take the opportunities to learn about my history from my elders; so I enjoy family reunions or gatherings where that information is shared.”